The Pew Research Center released a report yesterday on income segregation in 2010, and the news isn’t good—-neither nationally nor in D.C.

Pew used a set of criteria called the Residential Income Segregation Index (RISI) to determine how separately the rich and poor live in a metro area, on a scale of 0-200—-200 being the most segregated.

The Washington area’s income segregation in 2010 earned a score of 47, a 4-point increase from 43 in 1980. We’re in the middle of the pack compared to Houston and San Antonio, both of which had an RISI above 60, and Boston and Chicago, which had some of the lowest RISI in urban areas.

While Pew’s research shows that Washington isn’t as segregated by income as other cities, it does mean that Washingtonians of different income levels are interacting less than they did 30 years ago.

Hat-tip: DCist