Pursuit of Dryness: Capital Weather Gangster Kevin Ambrose hunkered down in the Jefferson Memorial to film the derecho, and, now that his camera has dried out, he’s finally posted the video. The clip’s a must-watch—-with giant sheets of water surging around the building, it looks like the memorial’s plunging into the Tidal Basin. +3

Metro Mystery: The only thing Metro and some of its passengers can agree on about today’s L’Enfant Plaza accident is that part of an escalator broke off and injured five people. How it broke off, though, is disputed: Metro blames the problem on a passenger dragging their bag on the metal, while a woman who says she was near the escalator says the piece was already loose-5

More Cheese Fries: The Prince of Petworth-broken scuttlebutt was true: Shake Shack is officially moving into the cafe next to the Spy Museum next year. +2

Broken Lizard: Georgetown is perhaps not the uber-hip counterculture destination that it once was: the former home of Wisconsin Avenue’s Commander Salamander, the proto-Hot Topic which survived for ages on going-out-of-business sales before finally closing for real in 2010, is becoming a bank. -1

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