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It’s hard out there for a Capitol reporter! Amid the chaos of layoffs and convention-coverage-canceling at CQ Roll Call, City Desk hears that The Hill has axed its Washington Scene society section.

“It hadn’t really gained any great traction,” says The Hill Editor in Chief Hugo Gurdon. Washington Scene, which Gurdon says operated separately from the rest of the publication, featured an events calendar, restaurant reviews, and party coverage of decidedly non-traction-gaining events like pro-fracking documentary screenings.

While most of the section is headed to the shredder, gossip blog In the Know will live on at the regular Hill website. Gurdon says one person was laid off after the move.

Gurdon doesn’t seem to have any CQ Roll Call-like upheaval plans for the rest of The Hill. Striking a sated-cat tone possessed only by the British, Gurdon says the rest of The Hill‘s site is “growing very nicely indeed.”