It’s Getting Hot in Here: Last July was the hottest month in the U.S. since the climate records started being kept 118 years ago. Still so sad that summer’s ending?  -2

Initiative Impotence: Initiative 70, the referendum to ban corporate contributions to District political candidates, will likely not be on the ballot this November. There’s a slim chance the initiative could still make the ballot, but it’s very slim. -2

Hill Gag: National Journal threw a party last night with Hill staffers and lobbyists to celebrate open bars and, along the way, vote for the most influential Capitol staffer under 35. Just for fun, right? But not so for some ambitious Hill staffers, who were caught casting multiple ballots in an attempt to sway the vote. -2

Swimmer’s Media Tour: Olympic medalist Katie Ledecky has been hitting D.C.’s newsrooms today, and has apparently been very generous about posing for pictures. Among the Olympians visits: WTOP, and a very happy Bruce Johnson. +1

Tuesday’s Needle rating: 80 Today’s score: -5 Today’s Needle rating: 75