Looks like corralling Loudoun County into the Silver Line has gone to Fairfax County’s head. Last week, Fairfax housing official Robert Schwaninger played the world’s tiniest violin in the Post, touting his county’s comparative lack of scandals:

Whereas other jurisdictions can brag about their shadow governments of wheelers and dealers, we’ve got a bunch of public-servant types who are about as interesting as dried milk. And when the national papers splash pictures of politicians caught in one lurid act or another, all we have to put up is Board of Supervisors Chairman Sharon Bulova (D), who reminds people more of a worldly June Cleaver than Ma Barker.

Schwaninger goes on some more, lamenting that Prince George’s and D.C. have sucked up all the local corruption energy. And he’s right—-unless you count the 1960s Board of Supervisors bribery scandal, Fairfax County is pretty sleepy. This should be some comfort the next time an indictment lands—-there are children in Fairfax who don’t even have one FBI investigation.

Photo by Haole Punk via Creative Commons license.