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When the mysterious blogger behind Titan of Trinidad launched his site in June, he was clearly parodying arch-neighborhood blogger Prince of Petworth. But he appeared to have another, less obvious target in mind as well: the quirks of the entire neighborhood-blog genre.

Two months later, Titan of Trinidad looks a lot like one of those neighborhood blogs. The satire remains—-take this story about a missing plant, or his discovery of an ancient jail for gentrifiers. But, starting with a serious post about a fire at Webb Elementary in July, the allure of neighborhood blogging has proved irresistible. Last week, he even ran the kind of story that is a rite of passage for any neighborhood blogger, taking a picture of a sign and speculating about its meaning.

I asked Titan of Trinidad whether he really has succumbed to the pleasures of neighborhood blogging. “Yep,” he wrote back. “Sorta like [Prince of Petworth], only my idiotic postings are intentionally idiotic.”

That famed Titan of Trinidad wit! For his part, Prince of Petworth Dan Silverman declined to respond to a request for comment.