Credit: Photo by Darrow Montgomery

The whirlwind death cult that is the national political cycle has become so pervasive this summer that it’s settled on the last thing in D.C. untouched by politics: food truck Tasty Kabob.

On Thursday, the Democratic National Committee parked its anti-Romney tour bus in front of the Republican National Committee’s (because, you know, politics). The DNC bus was parked legally, and had even reserved the spaces. But, because the parking spots they reserved included the usual lunch stop for Tasty Kabob’s truck, Republicans took the opportunity to politics the DNC right back. Writes National Journal:

The particular parking space they chose, however, is usually occupied by the celebrated food truck Tasty Kabob — prompting at least one hungry RNC staffer to lament the truck’s absence from its usual location.

“This is just more Democrats literally standing in the way of small business as food trucks work hard to make a living,” RNC press secretary Kirsten Kukowsi said in an email.

Tasty Kabob, which found a spot on the other side of the street, appears uninterested in its opportunity to replace Chick-fil-A as Washington’s hot-button food. The company didn’t respond to a request for comment from City Desk, and one of the food truck’s employees told the Daily Caller that the the anti-Romney bus’ location was not “our spot.”

Photo by Darrow Montgomery