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Could Vince Gray pass a tax so airtight, God himself could not evade it?

So ponders Washington Times‘ senior opinion editor Emily Miller in an article headlined, irresistibly, “Tax on God.” Miller’s concerned that Gray is considering taxing companies that hold classes in the city’s parks.

It took God six days to create the earth, but it took only one vote for the District to charge you for using it. Mayor Vincent C. Gray proposed taxing people who use public parks for things like popular boot camps, tennis lessons or baseball camp. While the city’s leaders are always thinking of creative ways to bilk residents, charging for use of the air and earth has taken things too far.

You may have noticed by now that this is not so much a tax on the man upstairs as much as it is a tax on commercial activities in publicly maintained parks. But Miller persists. “The D.C. Council should nix the mayor’s latest scheme to bilk residents for using God’s green earth,” she writes.

I have to admit, though, that her position that anything that exists is part of God’s plans and is thus untaxable has lots of applications. You can’t tax my chewing tobacco—-it was grown in God’s green earth! You can’t tax my income—-I breathed air while I earned it! Somebody call Grover Norquist: The game’s been changed.

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