Metro Program Poorly Managed: WJLA discovers that Metro’s job application website could be easily manipulated, using just an applicant’s email address, to reveal their resume, phone number, and salary requirements. -1

Guns Rule, Say Youths: Pro-gun young people, many of them from Virginia, rallied in front of the Wilson Building today to promote looser gun laws in the District. Reporter Tom Howell Jr. captured one of the signs: “No one ever raped a .38.” -3

This Weather: Has the weather been unusually nice lately, or do we just need to stop tuning the Needle at Reagan National? It’s hard not to get anxious about global warming when the weather is strange, but after the punishing June and July D.C. went through, we’ll take it. +4

H Street Eats: Maketto, the H Street Asian market concept whose building overhaul is being funded online, has announced its first vendor: a mother-and-son cooking team that previously worked in Northern Virginia’s troubled Eden Center.+1

Thursday’s Needle rating: 74 Today’s score: +1 It’s Friday: +1 Today’s Needle rating: 76