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A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.

Shabby Tomatoes: Of the neighborhood’s farmers market, a member of the Adams Morgan email list writes, “I’m an avid fan of the area’s farmer’s markets, and I live literally down the street from the one in Adams Morgan, but I’ll still admit that I don’t visit this market. I love the farmers there but the quality of the product does not match what I’ve seen at Dupont, U St., Mount Pleasant and even Eastern Market locations. The presentation, admittedly, is a little lackluster as well.” Another poster calls the market “shabby,” while a third suggests the following remedies: “The Adams Morgan farmers’ market just hasn’t kept up with the competition as these markets have boomed over the past few years. The Adams Morgan farmers’ market must expand. It could very easily double in size by using the BB&T plaza (which, unlike the current market site, is actually public space), and could triple with the excellent rumored addition of the Perry’s parking lot.”

Cleveland Park Problems: “We are in search of a handyperson with sufficient versatility to help us with the following: an interior doorknob that doesn’t work right; an electric wall sconce with a turn-on knob that has come off; a leak around the base of a kitchen Mohn faucet; and an aged toilet in which the tank ball doesn’t drop properly,” asks a member of the Cleveland Park email list. “Does anyone know of such a person?”

Everybody Poops: On the Crestwood email list, a member writes, “Someone’s dog left their poop on the walkway to my front door. If you were in my area on Saturday, please let me know if you saw anyone with dogs in my yard and can give me a description of the person.” Another member responds, “So sorry this happened, but it may not be from a dog.  Our block has been experiencing nightly “deposits” on porches & sidewalks for a month, and we’ve deduced that they’re from a cat, raccoon, or maybe even an opossum. Not to say that it isn’t from a dog.  I’ve witnessed people in Crestwood allowing their dogs to defecate in the middle of the street.  However, the waste bag stations seem to be discouraging this – at least that’s been my experience.”

Free in Georgetown: A member of the Georgetown email list offers a “free used (but sound) airline crate with good latch, suitable for medium-sized dog.”