Water 5 Water: Good news for Ward 5 residents soaked by flooding caused by summer storms: Mayor Vince Gray will announce a task force tomorrow aimed at solving flooding in LeDroit Park and Bloomingdale. +1

Obama!: All signs suggest that Barack Obama is eating at Adams Morgan’s Mintwood Place tonight. Adams Morgan’s dining scene needs the push—-man (and Needle writer) cannot live on Julia’s Empanadas alone. +1

Kraut Crush: Chef and publicity vacuum Spike Mendelsohn has signed up for the herculean task of promoting the worst hot dog topping of them all, sauerkraut. Mendelsohn seems excited (the program is called, hilariously, Kraut Rocks) but he’d be better off perfecting his steak frites-3

Road to Nowhere: Washington’s long District-wide nightmare about whether to reopen Klingle Road is still not over. -1

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