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Brightest Young Things is bringing its party-people operation to New York City, and the New York Times is ON IT. But Sarah Wildman‘s Sunday Styles profile of Svetlana Legetic and her crew raises a whole universe of questions.

Luckily, BYT’s leader was happy to clear things up.

Did you ever get the photo booth fixed?

Yes, we did. No matter what, the photo booth ALWAYS has to get fixed.

Wildman writes that the coming of the Obama administration brought an “infusion of youthful energy” to D.C. What is BYT’s contingency plan for a Romney victory?

We don’t think the momentum in D.C. is going to be curtailed by anything that happens in the next few months.

Related: Will you use your “mini-empire” of egalitarian hipsters for evil?

Some, I am sure, would argue that we use our mini-empire for evil almost every day.

Also related: Where are your tax shelters?

What is a tax shelter? (This is why accountants exist, right?)

How was the Top Chef pig?

Delicious. Spike [Mendelsohn] built the pit, Bev Eggleston provided the pig, Bryan Voltaggio made the sandwiches, and Scott Drewno was on hand to pour bourbon down everyone’s throats in the process.

Bonus: What is the most D.C. thing about New York?

The most D.C. thing about N.Y. is how nobody is actually from there but everyone still loves calling it home.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery