A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.

Rerouting: “I thought this had dissipated with the the new double lines, but last week at dusk a car entered under the bridge on Aspen heading toward Blair Road and pulled into the left hand lane. We were stopped on Aspen facing the underpass with our headlights on in a truck and this car still pulled face to face with us at the red light. They proceeded to turn left onto Blair once the light turned green as if nothing were awry,” recounted a member of the TakomaDC email list last week. She continued, “Oy. Does there need to be some sort of sign or big arrows painted in the road? Seems like maybe one more inexpensive solution could end this bizarre occurrence, as this would be quite a surprise (and a crash) for anyone turning right onto Aspen from Blair.” This week, a member suggests, “Too often, people clearly are using the east-bound lane and jumping the light because they do not have the patience [conscience?] to wait their turn while the east-bound traffic from across Blair clears enough to enable west-bound cars making legal left turns onto Blair to proceed.”

Throw the Baby Carriage Out With the Bike: “Just a heads up. My husband’s Schwinn was stolen from our lower yard some time between 4:30pm – 9:30pm at 12th Place and Taylor Street NE. It was locked and attached to a baby carrier. The carrier was obviously left behind,” writes a member of the Brookland Kids email list. “Is it even worth filing a police report?” Another member responds that, yes, it is worth filing a police report.

Slick: On the MPD 5D email list, a member asks, “What happened this morning in an alley at Oklahoma Ave , 25th Place , & Benning Road NE ? I heard there was a large police presence. Can you provide any details?” An MPD captain provides the following, rather unexpected, answer: “There was an oil spill associated with a house under renovation in the 500 block of 25th St NE. The spill was contained and disposed of by DCFD.”

Everybody Poops II: The Shepherd Park email list poster who over the weekend complained of dog waste being deposited in front of their house follows up to say, “If other neighbors did see someone with dogs in my yard, please let me know. I am a little leery  because I had to start taping my garbage can shut to prevent the dog owners from putting their dog deposits in my garbage can.  Note that my garbage can is located the full length of my driveway at my house behind my shrubs.” Another poster writes, “I’d also really appreciate it if people with dogs would carry their waste bags for deposit in their own garbage cans. My cans leak, and waste bags stick in the bottom. When it rains and the cans collect water, I tip over in the alley and waste bags sometimes wash out. I am unenthusiastic about gathering up other peoples/dogs waste. Thanks.”