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A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.

In Georgetown, Camera Finds You: “Help solve a mystery,” reads the title of a post on the Georgetown Forum email list. In the message, a member explains, “I was walking home from CVS when attached to a telephone pole was a piece of paper with a camera card taped to it and a note that read: Found on street this morning. Please return to owner. I took it down thinking the likelihood of the person realizing they lost this while walking through Georgetown and coming back to this telephone pole was pretty small. But, if taken to social media, someone out there would recognize them and they could get their card back. But, while looking at the photos, I think it belongs to someone that was visiting someone in Georgetown.” After an extensive description of the locations and people photographed, she implores, “If any of this sounds familiar, PLEASE someone email me so I can get their card back. If the couple shown in Egypt haven’t downloaded these, they are VERY upset at the moment as it has lots of amazing travel photos on it. There are a couple of questions that they will have to answer to prove it is theirs but I hope someone will be able to identify them.”

How Bizarre: In a thread titled “Has Anyone Else Had This Problem? (Bizarre),” a member of the MPD 4D email list writes, “Yesterday, in the early afternoon, my house guest heard a loud pounding at our back door. She didn’t get up to check who it was, and didn’t open the door because she was afraid she didn’t know who it could be. When I arrived home from work, I noticed that someone had mowed our back lawn (the front lawn remained untouched).” The member continues, “At first, we thought it could be one of our neighbors, but both their lawns seemed to be untouched as well. I feel a little uneasy about random people mowing my lawn without my permission, while I’m not home…have others experienced anything like this?” Presently, no other members of the list have recounted a similar experience.

Make Someone Else Do It: In an admittedly off-topic post on the Brookland Kids email list, a member asks, “We have had a condo in Brookland that we have rented out for the past 5 years. We just dealt with our first eviction and it was so traumatizing we want to hire a management company. Anyone have a place they love?” Other members second the request for property manager recommendations.

Snake in a Basement: “Anyone have any experience with snakes in their house/basement? We just  found a big snake in my mother’s house in Garrett Park and quite understandably, her care taker is freaked out,” writes a member of the Chevy Chase email list. “Anyone know a good snake person? This is a brand new problem for me!”