Self-proclaimed Iraqi military officer and alleged wife murderer Albrecht Muth is back on his hunger strike at St. Elizabeths, the Post reports.

Muth’s refusal to eat has gotten severe enough in August that he’s been taken three times to United Medical Center for treatment, which makes it difficult for psychiatrists to evaluate whether he’s capable to stand trial:

Muth was admitted to United Medical on Aug. 11 and was put on intravenous hydration. On Sunday, Muth was discharged from the hospital and returned to St. Elizabeths, but he has resumed his fast. As a result, doctors at the District-operated psychiatric hospital say they need more time to evaluate his mental state. Muth is “weak and unable to engage in activities for any substantial length of time,” the doctors wrote.

Muth’s evaluators want more time before they have to report on Muth’s condition, which the Post says could push Muth’s trial for last year’s murder of Viola Drath into 2013. While we wait, read up on Muth’s mind-bogglingly successful social climbing.

Photo courtesy Georgetown Patch