Betsy Rothstein
Betsy Rothstein Credit: Photo by Darrow Montgomery

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Betsy Rothstein, the editor of media blog Fishbowl D.C., has a fondness for announcing that various women are tramps. But with Rothstein on vacation from Fishbowl this week, a surprising truth has come out: Rothstein is the least offensive person writing for her site.

First up is contributor Eddie Scarry, already an intriguing figure because of his role in Fishbowl’s growing oeuvre of surreptitious fetish shots. Around White House Correspondents Dinner time, Scarry took some shots of unknown men and womens‘ butts and categorized them (“particularly bulbous”). More recently, he tweeted a picture of a woman’s foot because she had a bunion. In other words, maybe not the best person to leave unsupervised.

In Rothstein’s absence, Scarry’s decided to review Street Sense, the paper put together by Washington’s homeless people. Scarry called his post “Crumbs from Street Sense,” and illustrated it with a picture of a man in a cardboard box. Because they’re poor!

But Scarry looks like the operator of a social justice Tumblr compared to colleague Peter Ogburn, whose attack on publicist Wendy Gordon reveals that, at Fishbowl, the student has finally surpassed the master.

The background here is that Fishbowl has a long-running, apparently one-sided feud with Gordon. Every week, the site runs a picture of her that’s meant to be embarrassing. They have a lot to draw on, because Gordon appears to go to more costume parties in a year than most people do in a lifetime (emphasis added):

Today, we have a classy Wendy at a party. That is, if your definition of classy is wearing a low cut dress that allows your boobs to spill out under a tacky choker that looks like a bedazzled bicycle chain.

The sultry look on her face says it all. Wendy is DTF and on the prowl. So, give yourself an extra blast of AXE body spray, maybe think about double bagging it and say hello to Cougar Wendy!

Betsy, come back, all is forgiven!

Photo by Darrow Montgomery