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Bandolero Imbroglio: Post restaurant critic Tom Sietsema and ex-Top Chef contestant Mike Isabella are feuding after Sietsema called Isabella’s Bandolero “one of the grimmest restaurants to open in years.” Isabella responded with some tweeted zingers. +5

Czar-for-Life: In a press release, Marion Barry has acknowledged his mayor-for-life title (bestowed on him by this humble alt-weekly!), and given himself a new honorific: “jobs czar.” +3

Bag ‘Em and Tag ‘Em: The National Review has a story on an Americans for Tax Reform study of the the D.C. bag tax that is a paragon of deliberately making no sense. The D.C. bag tax hasn’t made as much money as it was expected to, writes ATR’s Patrick Gleason, because people decided to stop using bags. But wasn’t that the point? -3

H2 Oh-No!: The pro-tap performance artist punk collective in charge of DC Water has hit on yet another scheme: requesting that tap water, not bottled water, be served at the 2013 inauguration. +2

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