Who told George Washington about Photobooth filters? At right is George Washington University’s new logo, unveiled yesterday at an event that featured food trucks and a screening of The Avengers (and took place two days after the logo leaked online). Despite all that, The GW Hatchet reports that students aren’t thrilled:

At about 8 p.m., three versions of the new logo splashed across the top of a pixelated screen, revealing it publicly for the first time.

The audience paused, holding back reaction. Students’ hesitation seemed to indicate a question rippling through the room: “Is that it?”

The university says they ditched the old logo, a painting of Washington, because it didn’t work online. Also unveiled: a new sans-serif font for the university and a monogram that looks like it was made with only the finest WordArt. The university won’t say how much the redesign cost, but the Hatchet reports that a previous university redesign by the same firm cost nearly $500,000.