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Good news for people who love alien news! The Raëlians, who believe that human beings were created by extraterrestrial scientists, drew about a dozen women to their topless protest Sunday in front of the White House, as well as:

  • A guy in a scarlet bra.
  • A person in a skunk fursuit, a la Furries.
  • Some seriously sweaty-palmed tourists.

Amid their women’s rights litany and inexhaustible facts about topless history, the Raëlians slipped in some nods to intergalactic embassy impresario Raël. “We were created in the image of our creators,” said one topless speaker. “Extraterrestrial men and women, just like you and I, who created human beings in their image. Why? Because we’re beautiful!”

Brightest Young Things has some racy, NSFW pics of the rally, but no mention of the Raëlian role in it. Raël be praised!

NSFW photo after the jump