Former Ward 7 Councilmember Kevin P. Chavous (above, left) and son Kevin B. Chavous (above, right) have never achieved the dynastic success of Washington’s Harry Thomases or Marshall and Kwame Brown. If that weren’t embarrassing enough, though, as of today’s Washington Examiner, they’ve become indistinguishable from one another.

The Examiner‘s Jonetta Rose Barras wrote her column this week about Chavous the Elder’s new book about children. But, as consultant and radio host Chuck Thies first noted, the Examiner ran a photo of Chavous the Younger.

To help the Examiner in the future, City Desk offers a guide to the notable differences between the two Chavouses.

Kevin P. Chavous

  • Served three terms on the Council.
  • Ran unsuccessfully against future mayor Anthony Williams.
  • Works on education reform.

Kevin B. Chavous

  • Came in third in April’s Ward 7 Democratic primary with 21 percent of the vote.
  • Allegedly offered an undercover cop $20 for a blowjob.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery