A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.

Parsing Caterpillars: In a thread titled “Parsley caterpillars,” a member of the Brookland Kids email list asks, We recently got back from vacation and today I went to clip some parsely. There is barely any leaves left and the whole plant is covered with caterpillars. I looked them up online to find out they are not pests but turn into beautiful butterflies. Since it’s late in the season and I don’t have much parsley left thanks to the chompers, I have opted to let them be. I have grown parsley and other herbs for 9 years in Brookland and have never encountered this problem. Anyone else have these visitors and is there something I can do next season to enjoy my parsley into October?” She adds, “For caterpillars they are really pretty! And thanks to our vacation…HUGE. But a second member advises letting the caterpillars go about their business, writing, “I know you’re sad about your parsley, however, caterpillars on parsley are really special – they are almost always black swallowtail butterflies.”

Those Guys: In response to a spate of reports of property crime in MPD 4D, a member of the police district email list writes, “I’m sure that these daily reports are of great concern to residents of Ward 4. And yes, I believe that the police are working hard to make our streets safe for residents. However, it just seems like these criminals are always a step ahead of the police. Almost like they know where the police are not & then they pounce. I refuse to be hostage in my house because of these constant robberies. However when I do go out, I am constantly making a point to be aware of my surroundings. Sad that you can’t just take a casual walk anymore without being concerned that someone’s going to rob you.” Within three minutes, Police Chief Cathy Lanier responds, “I have deployed extra resources to the 4th District to address the robberies. Some are in uniform and visible and some are not. We will stay on these guys until we catch them.”

Parked It: On the MPD 1D email list, a member writes, in a thread titled “First Driver Scofflaw of the School Year,” “I just called 911 to report a black SUV parked right on the crosswalk in front of the main entrance of Maury Elementary School around 9.30 a.m. There were even legal parking spots available directly behind and in front of the vehicle.”

Cleveland Park, ISO Assistance: “Does anyone know how to (or someone who can) remove the broken plug of an iPod cable from the auxiliary jack of my car sound system?” asks a member of the Cleveland Park email list. “The plug is broken inside off about half way down the jack. I tried a drop of super glue on a finishing nail head, but it would not pull it out. (Perhaps I was not patient enough, but as the plug is hollow, I thought there was not enough surface area to stick to.) I asked at the Best Buy install area, and the guy there that day was clueless. I am hoping that crowd sourcing can come through again.