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Mara at the Convention: In his convention dispatches to DCist, State Board of Education member Pat Mara is barely able to conceal the distaste he feels for most of his GOP fellow travelers (see: his reluctance to take a photo with Stephen Baldwin). But he’s delighted to run into actor Jon Voight, who is apparently “a huge fan” of Adrian Fenty and Michelle Rhee. +1

Few Wins for the Redskins: Out of 28 football analysts, not one thinks the Redskins will make the playoffs. -2

Suitsupply Arrives: In good news for the budget-conscious, popular Dutch suit chain Suitsupply—-the “Jet Blue of suits“—- opened its first D.C. branch in Georgetown this morning. +1

Tweeter for Life: Marion Barry wants anyone with old pictures of him to share them on Twitter, so he can someday donate them to an unspecified institution. But jokesters beware—-Barry says he’s prepared for “crankpots” planning to send him stills from his Vista Hotel surveillance tape. +1

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