A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.

Generation Gap: “The other day a 29 year-old resident of our neighborhood was beaten so savagely that he has lost the power to speak,” reports a member of the New Hill East email list. “Some citizens attended a meeting on the beating.  Interestingly the attendees were all older residents. What happened to all you twentysomethings?” In response, another member writes, “Don’t know how old the poster is, but here’s some insight into twentysomethings. They don’t generally ‘attend meetings.’Tthey are more likely to use online methods of communication to express their concerns opinions. The other thing we do is work late, and then we go to happy hours, and sometimes walk home from bars late and night, and then get beat by thugs.” Other members send less caustic, though similar, reasonings. “Can’t speak for all twentysomethings, but I had really hoped to go to the meeting. I ended up working later than expected, had to return home before the meeting to let out and feed my dog, and felt that it would be rude to arrive late,” writes another.

Garages for Everyone: “Out walking my dogs this morning and stumbled on a crime scene investigation in the 4000 block of 18th Street. Learned from one of the investigating officers that thieves have devised a new way to gain entry by sliding something behind the driver’s side door and unlatching the handle which also shuts off the alarm. Victim’s car is a newer model VW. Don’t know if this method works on all cars.  He also said there’s a youtube video out now showing how to break into cars using a tennis ball,” writes a member of the Crestwood email list, who then suggests, “Be careful out there and use garages when you can!”

Caps Lock, Willing Businesses Into Existence Since Never: On the East of the River email list, a member posts this, in response to the news of Uniontown Bar & Grill closing: “I pray that an real owner with money really wishes to invest in the area. That is what it will take due to renovation time for that area. The completion of Homeland Security phase1 for late 2013 and personal being located there as well. The area will see more investment come to the area quickly. My prayers is that the local residents will benefit from this and will not lose out. ANACOSTIA COMMUNITY GET INVOLVED!!!!” A second member responds, “You are an ass and should shut up!” Rather than respond, the original poster appears to have deleted his message on the group’s board.

Chevy Chase Problems: “I’m considering getting the Nutribullet or Ninja blender and interested in people’s experiences and how they compare. Looking primarily for a way to make healthy veggie and fruit smoothies or juices without too much clean up hassle,” writes a member of the Chevy Chase email list. “Being able to make nut butters and other things would be nice as well. Also, if anyone has experiences or thoughts about this, wondering if it would be worth the investment to instead get a Vita Mixer even though it is much more money.” Another member suggests, “I have both the Nutribullet and Vita Mix and find the Nutribullet much easier to use and clean. It makes great smoothies but basically one at a time. The Vita Mix seems a bit more sturdy but is much louder and, of course, about 4 times as expensive.”