Vindication could be at hand for the outspoken group of Pepco customers who claim that the company’s smart meters causes health problems. D.C.’s Public Service Commission has decided to investigate whether the meters cause health problems, the Washington Business Journal reports.

While the commission decided against an investigation earlier this year, a letter from Ward 7 Councilmember Yvette Alexander last month that supported an investigation appears to have changed the commission’s mind.

Pepco says the meters, which were installed across the city in 2010, have no health effect. But people who have “electrosensitivity”—-a possibly psychosomatic illness that supposedly makes sufferers sensitive to electrical equipment—-claim that having the meters so close to their houses creates a distracting fog of electrical emissions. In April, Christine MacDonald wrote about some of the meter opponents, including one couple that stopped Pepco technicians from installing the meters, for Washington City Paper.

Electric meter picture via Shutterstock