Cyber-Mayor: Adrian Fenty has started advising a venture capital fund. Our cryptic advice to the fit ex-mayor: You know what’s cooler than a million triathlons? A billion triathlons. +1

Win for the ‘Skins: New Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III justified a bit of his hype Sunday with a solid 40-32 win over the New Orleans Saints. +2

Faux Pose: That said, though, does imitating RGIII’s sitting victory pose need to become a meme? The Needle is all about short-lived trends, but this “Griffining” smacks of so much Tim Tebow me-tooism. -6

Wrapped Up in Brooks: Prosecutors in the case against Gray campaign operative Howard Brooks have decided that Brooks shouldn’t serve time for lying to investigators about his role helping sideshow mayoral candidate Sulaimon Brown. +1

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