Strikeout: The Nationals continue to not pay for extended Metro service after games, and it’s not clear why (other than the money, obviously). -3

Imagined Communities: More news on the as-yet-unnamed “sports bar for women” concept from Bachelorette contestant and Bachelor Pad villain Chris Bukowski. At a Bachelor Pad screening last night, Bukowski said he hopes his D.C.-area bar will be a “destination for Bachelor Nation.” -2

Hack the Planet: The hacker who posted Vince Gray‘s Social Security number online and disrupted D.C. government websites was only 15, according to a profile of him in Wired. -4

Caped Crusader: The canonization of Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III continues, with a toy company now offering an RGIII cape. +1

Monday‘s Needle rating: 84 Today’s score: -8 Tuesday’s Needle rating: 76