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A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.

Slow Your Roll: In response to Washington Post columnist Courtland Milloy‘s latest inflammatory column—which suggests that speed and red-light cameras impede drivers from indulging in fast rides—a member of the East of the River email list writes, “The abuse of speed limits and red lights putting senior and children pedestrians in danger is unconscionable, Courtland should know better than to use the ‘everyone is doing it’ excuse that I’m sure his mother chastised him about.” After another member writes, “While everyone has a right to their own opinion, I find it quite disrespectful that you referenced Courtland Milloy’s mother in your previous comment. As a community leader you should conduct yourself with more decorum understanding that your behavior is a reflection of the community you represent. YOU ARE WRONG FOR TALKING ABOUT THIS MAN’S MOTHER,” the original poster retorts, “However, my actual response to your statement: What kind of idiotic red herring complaint is that? You know very well that is a reference to the writer and not his mother.”

Nuts on Nuts on Nuts: Asks a member of the Brookland Kids email list, “I have kids at peanut free environments (school and daycare). Is almond butter considered a good substitute or is it a no-no as well in peanut free environments?” Another member relays her experiences with various classroom rules and concludes that “the only real answer will have to come from your school,” while other members offer alternatives. “Sunflower seed butter comes as organic and non organic at the Whole Foods on P St. We like it,” writes a third member. A fourth says, “I have a kid with food allergies (all nuts and sesame) and I think the best tasting and the most safe peanut butter alternative is soy nut butter.”

Over/Underqualified: In a thread titled “seamstress/tailor needed for costume modifications,” a member of the New Hill East email list writes, “I checked the database and only found two names. They seemed like competent professionals, but I’m really looking for someone inexpensive to assist with making modifications to costumes for a play I am producing. nothing too intricate. moving buttons, letting sleeves on a jacket, hemming pants, etc.” All that said, the member then writes, “Essentially I am looking for someone who knows how to operate a sewing machine. If you know of someone who is handy with a needle and thread, please pass her/his contact information my way.”

I Knew It Was You: “Last night our sweet potato vines and caladium got chomped, along with flowering begonias and impatience flowers. This occurred in the front yard,” writes a member of the Cleveland Park email list in a message titled “Plant-eating deer on Macomb Street.” She continues, “Hoof prints are visible. Can anyone suggest how to keep these creatures in Rock Creek Park where they belong and away from our plants?”