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Everyone’s already had their say on whether American University’s The Eagle student paper should have reported on Professor Adrienne Pine breast-feeding in class. Everyone, that is, except for The Eagle.

Now, just when everyone was sick of hearing about lactivists, The Eagle has come out with a story about the squabble that was set off after Pine slammed the paper in her own article. It’s not really the breast-feeding story they were working on pre-fracas, since it focuses as much on criticism of the Eagle than on the breast-feeding, but it does contain this interesting nugget:

Pine emailed individual apologies Wednesday night to the reporter and editors involved for publishing their names and contact information online, as well as the tone of her essay.

That should please Washington Post columnist Petula Dvorak, who trashed Pine’s response to the paper. Meanwhile, the Eagle‘s making its own apologies—-in an editor’s note, Eagle editor-in-chief Zach Cohen writes that the paper should have given Pine more time to respond to their questions.

Breastfeeding picture by Shutterstock