According to new Metro rules issued Monday, passengers no longer need bags if they’re taking folding bikes on a train during rush hour. But there’s no need to thank Office of Planning director Harriet Tregoning, whose July bust for carrying a folding bike sans bag resulted in the highest-profile violation of the old rules.

“I don’t harbor any illusion that they changed the policy because of me,” says Tregoning. Even before a station manager kicked Tregoning out of a station for the bike, Tregoning says she had heard  a change to the rules was in the works.

For foldable bike neophytes, Tregoning explains why this is a win:

“The whole point of having a foldable is that it’s very convenient and very flexible, and a bag big enough to put the bike in would be a pretty bulky bag,” she says. “And where would you put that?”

Photo by Darrow Montgomery