Train in Vain: Councilmember Jack Evans promises that Metro will be open for spectators leaving late-night Nats games, but he’s mum on who’s footing the bill. -3

Hollywood on the Potomac: Apparently, those Parks & Recreation scenes filmed in Washington this summer paid off. In one episode, character Leslie Knope, played by Amy Poehler, describes Washington women as being “like C-SPAN and Neiman Marcus had kids.” +1

Bloomingdale Spared: Frequently drenched Ward 5 neighborhood Bloomingdale avoided flooding in this afternoon’s storm. +3

Pho for All: Columbia Heights pho shop Pho 14—-voted the best pho in D.C. by City Paper readers this year—-is expanding to Van Ness. +2

Monday‘s Needle rating: 58 Today’s score: +3 Tuesday’s Needle rating: 61