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WUSA 9 reporter Russ Ptacek hates dirty restaurants. Hates them. His excitable reports for the station teem with disgust at business owners who neglect to have a licensed food manager. As I write this, he’s on something called an “undercover #foodalert investigation.” Such freezer-diving might be less prestigious than his last job as a Kansas City corruption reporter, but Ptacek’s career isn’t shot yet: Apparently, he has a face made for national news.

On his eponymous talk show yesterday, Anderson Cooper ran a slideshow of people who allegedly look like him, including Ptacek (around 1:40 on the video). Co-host Deborah Norville wasn’t buying it, but Cooper remained silent.

This makes you wonder about other similarities between Cooper and Ptacek. Does Ptacek live in a converted firehouse? Did he, too, once host The Mole? This much is clear: Ptacek got off lightly compared to another lookalike whose gender Cooper couldn’t even figure out.