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Don’t flick off WTOP reporter Mark Segraves, apparently. When one Metro bus driver “flashed a lewd gesture” at Segraves yesterday as he tried to park his car, he confronted her on the bus and filmed their fight. Now, according to WTOP, the driver has been put on administrative leave.

The driver may not be cut out for WMATA, but she steals the video. She covers her uniform so Segraves can’t see her name, proclaims herself “Miss Metro,” and seems to eventually grow fond of her accidental passenger. Which isn’t to say that Segraves doesn’t get some good lines of his own in: “We’ll see which side Mr. Sarles thinks is your best side,” a reference to Metro General Manager Richard Sarles, sounds strangely ominous, like you’re being dragged to his subterranean lair.

Here’s the choice exchange:

Segraves: You’re hiding your name? Why are you hiding your nametag? Why did you take your name tag off? Can I get off your bus? Now you’re going to let me off your bus?

Driver: You can get off at the next stop.

Segraves: And your name is what?

Driver: Uh-huh. Call me Miss Metro.

Segraves: Miss Metro?

Driver: Yes.

Segraves: I look forward to it.

Driver: Thank you.

Driver: The other side is my best side.

Segraves: We’ll see which side Mr. Sarles thinks is your best side.