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Ignoring my advice to avoid Reddit users at all costs, D.C. Council at-large candidate David Grosso took to the site to answer questions yesterday, Barack Obama style. And while Grosso’s chances in November may have evaporated the moment incumbent opponent Michael Brown made the ballot, the Reddit people seem to like him.

It soon became clear is that many Reddit users don’t really understand the at-large set-aside system that makes it advantageous for former Democrats like Grosso and Brown to run as independents.

“How did you get started in politics?” asked one user. “Especially as an independent?”

“It was not a hard decision for me to run as an independent,” Grosso replied. No kidding!

Grosso talked Metro and performance pay for teachers, and took one question as an opportunity to zing Brown’s financial and driving woes. But he left the potentially juiciest one unanswered: “Why is Mayor Grey (sic) a dirtbag?”

Photo courtesy David Grosso campaign