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Natitude at the JAWB: At last, the pinkos in the John A. Wilson Building are illuminating the seat of the District government in Soviet red. That, or they’re just really jazzed about the Nationals. +1

Parade Hurray: The Fiesta D.C. festival runs all day Sunday on Pennsylvania Avenue. Myriad Metro delays will hold up revelers, but that’s expected by now. +1

Boards, Cut: The District considering eliminating 38 boards and commissions, many of which no longer have members or a clear reason to exist. +1

Man Deliberately Obtuse: Why would you think hanging a chair from a tree is supposed to be about hanging Barack Obama, wonders a Centreville resident who did exactly that. It’s about Clint Eastwood‘s speech, which used a chair to represent the president. Oh. -2

Thursday’s Needle rating: 61 Today’s score: +1 It’s Friday: +1 Friday’s Needle rating: 63