Bank of America customers in the District might want to put off any banking plans they had today. Starting at around 8 a.m., protesters affiliated with a group called Occupy Our Homes D.C. are planning to try to shut down all of Washington’s Bank of America branches.

“We’re expecting the banks to shut themselves down for us,” says Legba Carrefour, a participant. Carrefour thinks the banks will close their doors as soon as they see protesters approaching with signs.

The Columbia Heights Bank of America will be the center of the protest, according to Carrefour, in part because of its prominent location near a Metro station.

The protesters are advocating for Reverend Michael Vanzant, a Washington pastor whose mortgage is held by Bank of America. They want the bank to change Vanzant’s repayment terms instead of foreclosing on him, according to Carrefour.

As for District Bank of America customers who could find their days disrupted when their bank is closed, Carrefour says they have other options.

“There are banks everywhere,” Carrefour says. “Worst case scenario, you can still go to Maryland or Virginia.”

Photo by Flickr user justgrimes used under a Creative Commons license.