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Despite offering some sick prizes, MindMixer, the company behind Metro’s new feedback website, has already run into an old problem: People really don’t like Metro.

Trouble started Thursday, when Metro tweet-gang ringleader Unsuck D.C. Metro pointed out that for a company that claims to be about generating user engagement, MindMixer doesn’t have that many followers on Twitter. That’s a pretty weak diss, but MindMixer couldn’t resist responding to it (above). The ensuing Twitter feud pulled in Unsuck’s legion of fans, and left both Metro and MindMixer looking bad.

Now Metro, which is paying MindMixer $1,250 a month to run the site, has told the company to leave the alienating social media practices to them. “We did advise [MindMixer] that we’ll handle social media from here,” writes Metro spokesman Dan Stessel in an email.

Still, Stessel doesn’t seem too concerned about the spat or its affect on Metro’s campaign. “If we’re having a meta conversation about Twitter, I suppose it’s a good day,” he writes.

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