Corizon contract opponent David Grosso
Corizon contract opponent David Grosso

Suspended licenses, evaporating campaign funds, “warrior lawyers”—-incumbent D.C. at-large councilmember Michael Brown should be cruising to re-election, but he can’t stop breaking bad news. And he’s not happy that people are talking about it, tweeting yesterday that his opponents should be scrutinized, too.

Fair enough! The Washington Post ran a story this afternoon on past criminal charges against two of Brown’s opponents, David Grosso and A.J. Cooper. Unluckily for Brown, though, his opponents’ only real crime seem to be partying too hard:

Candidate David Grosso, Brown’s best-financed opponent, was arrested in May 1993 in Okaloosa County, Fla., on a misdemeanor marijuana charge, according to public records.

“It’s absolutely true,” Grosso, 42, acknowledged Wednesday. He said he was caught with less than two grams of marijuana while on a camping trip when he was 22.

Given that Grosso says that he was once an “awkward Deadhead,” the revelation that he was discovered in an obscure corner of the South with a bag of weed should come as no surprise.

The more interesting one is Cooper, who was arrested on New Year’s Day 2008 after police discovered him near a flare gun and a backpack with his name on it containing a round. The charges were eventually dropped.

Two grams of weed and a flare gun—-is this the D.C. Council at-large race, or Project X?

Photo by Darrow Montgomery