Washington Times reporter Luke Rosiak really doesn’t like speed cameras. Big time. And he’s no fan of people on welfare, for whom he has an ultimatum.

“I’ll slow down when the people using my $200 fines to sit at home on welfare get a job—and not at Metro or a gubmint job,” Rosiak tweeted this afternoon in a discussion about the cameras with DCist editor Martin Austermuhle and We Love DC editor Tom Bridge. Rosiak’s tweets on speed cameras have since been deleted, but many are still available on Huffington Post D.C.

In another tweet, Rosiak insisted that he would continue speeding as long as people litter, steal, take welfare, or eat junk food. Two of those things, of course, are not actually crimes.

“That’s the advantage of shit being ghetto—-you get to do whatever you want,” Rosiak tweeted.

This isn’t Rosiak’s first encounter with people employed at “Metro or a gubmint job.” In March, he wrote a series on Metro that claimed Metro had promoted an ex-con PCP dealer “soon after his release”—-when he was actually promoted 10 years after leaving prison.