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Newly-victorious foam head Teddy Roosevelt will be chatting with fans at 12:30 today on the Washington Post‘s site. But what do you ask a costume that’s seen so much? Five questions, and a bonus extra question for everyone involved in the chat.

For Teddy:

  1. How mad were you when John Schrank shot you during a speech? Is the presidents race cat worse?
  2. What’s the biggest animal you’ve ever killed? This one?
  3. Did you ever forgive William Howard Taft? Do you think he should be the next racing president?
  4. Which of your diplomatic successes are you most proud of: the Gentlemen’s Agreement banning segregation of Japanese students, or the treaty that ended the Russo-Japanese War, for which you won a Nobel Prize?
  5. This is a pretty cute cartoon, right?

For Everyone Else:

  1. Seriously?

Photo by Darrow Montgomery