Pity the businesses at Adams Morgan’s southern end, built around the maddening Florida Avenue-U Street-18th Street intersection, far from Metro, and just a little too far from the rest of the area’s nightlife. While the individual businesses in the sub-neighborhood can be good, put together they just aren’t as fun as the rest of Adams Morgan.

But that’s all about to change. No doubt inspired by Washingtonians’ grudging acceptance of SoHo style nicknames, Adams Morgan Main Street has redubbed south Adams Morgan “SoMo.” Pretty hip, or so the planners must think.

The Examiner‘s Liz Farmer has taken the SoMo spirit and run with it, declaring the neighborhood above Bloomingdale “NoFlo” (North of the Flooding). But it’s hard to see SoMo catching on—-it’s already part of a named neighborhood, and the area doesn’t seem big enough to have its own.

But who knows, “NoMa” sounded even worse, and now it’s a Metro station. Let’s remake the city, two syllables at a time. Put your neighborhood suggestions in the comments. And after the jump, the full list of businesses that allegedly make up this cursed area.

DeVinos, Dahlak, El Tamarindo, Locolat, Morton Fine Art, Stussy, And Beige, Urban Escape, Kalorama Cleaners, Pleasant Pops, Eddie’s Hair Creations, FurGetMeNot, Planet Pet, Jack Rose, The Blaguard, Absolute Pizza, L’Enfant Café, Duplex Diner, Wise Owl Club.

Photo by Elvert Barnes used under a Creative Commons license.