Broken Lights: Contract protest woes have thrown the city’s streetlight repair program into chaos, raising the possibility that lights could go unfixed. -3

Nickname Nonsense: We must, again, discuss the issue of SoMo—-South Adams Morgan, and D.C.’s so-called newest neighborhood. Would the smattering of bars and Jumbo Slice purveyors in SoMo be better served to compete with the bars and Jumbo Slice purveyors to their north if they were more accurately nicknamed, say, SAdMo? Perhaps. -4

Not So Transient: Maybe Washington’s population isn’t as in flux as, say, Michael Wilbon, would claim. Greater Greater Washington’s Topher Matthews looks at the stats and find that in some ways, D.C. is comparable in population turnover to other cities. +1

Historic Streetcars: The District’s Department of Transportation could buy historic streetcars and renovate them so that they resemble the streetcars that plied the District until 1962. Cute idea, but will it make the H Street streetcar line look cheesy? +0

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