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Speaking of famous bears, there’s now one fewer in Adams Morgan: ex-New Republic editor turned blog king Andrew Sullivan. The longtime Adams Morgan resident and Newsweek/Daily Beast blogger moved out of the neighborhood two weeks ago and headed to New York.

Sullivan-spotting has been a long-running  pastime in Adams Morgan, where it seemed none of his meals was safe from a poorly lit camera-phone shot. Here’s Sullivan at Subway, pounding Cherry Coke Zero, and here’s Sullivan brunching at Napoleon Cafe. In 2009, City Paper slammed him for wearing ugly shirts around the neighborhood.

This has been a tough time to spot contrarian pundits in a certain corner of Northwest, with Kalorama resident Christopher Hitchens dying last December. Without Sullivan, there are hardly any Internet celebrities to spot around the neighborhood. Andrew, if you wanted a change, why not try SoMo?

Photo via Wikimedia Commons