Roosevelt Rampage: President head Teddy Roosevelt won his third race in a row today. But after yesterday’s loss, is Teddy cursing the team? +1

Donna’s Debts: A disgruntled ex-employee of newly-anointed Esquire chef of the year Roberto Donna has created a website to draw attention to Donna allegedly being behind on payments to employees. +2

So What We Smoke Weed: At-Large Councilmember Michael Brown is trying what looks like a pretty desperate tactic: complaining that his opponent David Grosso didn’t announce a 20-year-old small-time pot possession charge. -3

Free Foie Gras: Fancy Georgetown eatery 1789 is offering Californians free foie gras, as a gesture of defiance against the state’s ban on fattened goose and duck liver. Of course, eating foie gras at all is pretty messed up, but you do you! +1

Wednesday’s Needle rating: 69 Today’s score: +1 Thursday‘s Needle rating: 70