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When photographer Eric Spiegel‘s prescription sunglasses were stolen last month, it could have turned into just another D.C. grab-and-run. But unlike most victims, Spiegel had an advantage—-he caught the alleged culprit, an apparent fan of the New York Jets, on film.

Spiegel’s woes began on a Sunday on 7th Street NW, where he was taking pictures. As a man ran by, Spiegel snapped his picture. Soon, the man returned and demanded that Spiegel delete the picture. Since Spiegel was shooting on film, though, he couldn’t just delete one shot, and the man began demanding the whole roll.

“I just felt like he was trying to be a big bully,” Spiegel says. When Spiegel suggested that they go talk to police, the man pointed out that he obviously had no problem with running—-and snatched Spiegel’s glasses off his face, running toward the Verizon Center.

Despite help from police, Spiegel hasn’t been able to get his glasses back. So he posted the picture he shot of the running man before their altercation on his blog in an attempt to help the police.

Spiegel says he doesn’t usually expect the people he shoots on the street to react negatively. “It’s pretty rare, really,” he says.

Thief photo by Shutterstock