Righty website PJ Media is aiming to expand its Washington operations in a big way. Really big. “I would say that PJ Washington intends to be in that family of Hill-specific publications,” says Washington editor Bridget Johnson.

That means competing with Hill reporting giants like CQ Roll Call and The Hill, Johnson’s old employer. It’s an unlikely goal for the site, one of the first to consolidate amateur bloggers—-the “PJ” in its name is short for pajamas—-which has since seen its reporting section overshadowed on the right by the Daily Caller and the Breitbart crew, and its opinion section eclipsed by sites like Townhall. But Johnson could have a secret weapon: objective reporting.

“It is very much my opinion that those who complain that the media is too left of center, the way to counter that is not to skew the news rightward,” Johnson says.

So far, the beefed-up operations has only translated into hiring more freelancers. PJ Washington will get a separate section and URL, which Johnson hopes will help separate it from the site’s opinion articles.

Congress photo by Shutterstock