Since August, top judgment forum D.C. Urban Moms and Dads has been divided over the issue of backyard chicken raising. Is it a crunchy way to eat local and teach your kids about animals? Or is it, in fact, a sign of destitution not seen since the Dust Bowl?

But our long local nightmare may be over. That’s because D.C. Urban Moms co-founder Jeff Steele did the unthinkable today and endorsed an aspiring chicken farmer, D.C. Council At-Large candidate David Grosso.

In a blog post, Steele praised Grosso and slammed incumbent rivals Vincent Orange and Michael Brown. After I tweeted the news, Grosso announced that he himself has plans for a chicken coop, but hasn’t built it yet.

But Grosso also took a strong anti-rooster stance, which should allay the concerns of D.C.’s haughtiest Urban Moms. Could city chicken raising—-once accused of screaming “I’m poor!”—-now scream “I’m getting elected?”

Update, 3:30 p.m.: While this post initially stated that Grosso had already built the chicken coop, he has actually only made plans to build one.

Photo by Shutterstock