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The Good News: After yesterday’s win over the Vikings, Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III has achieved messianic status to teammate Fred Davis. “He’s black Jesus right now,” Davis said in an interview. +2

Bathroom Bad News: With Georgetown’s Mie N Yu abruptly closed, pour one out for its enthralling bathroom. -5

Mayor-for-Life Disappoints: While the rest of Washington mourned the Nationals’ too-fast playoff run, Marion Barry was untroubled. He didn’t even know the team had lost until a reporter asked him about it the next day. Still, he seemed disheartened, saying, “Ain’t that a [expletive].” -1

Ice Cold: The ongoing NHL lockout is hurting Chinatown businesses that would normally be benefiting from Capitals fans. -3

Friday’s Needle rating: 81 Today’s score: -7 Monday’s Needle rating: 74