In a story that sounds like it’s more out of a dystopian future than Washington in 2012, Metro has announced that it wants to reduce bus service in certain parts of the Anacostia bus loop line because its vehicles are getting hit by too many rocks.

In a new set of proposed route changes, the transit agency plans to cut a three-street loop from the W6 and W8 bus lines after 8 p.m., and increase the wait time between buses in the evening. Here’s Metro’s reasoning:

Remove service from areas that experience repeated incidents of physical damage to buses from rock throwing, which endangers bus operators and customers.

What is this, Children of Men?

“We don’t have exact statistics, but it would be safe to say that rock-throwing incidents occur several times a week, and sometimes on a daily basis,” writes Metro spokesman Philip Stewart in an email. Several public meetings are scheduled later this month about the changes.

Photo by JLaw45 via Flickr/Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License