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Weeks after the Atlantic Wire’s Rebecca Greenfield declared D.C. tragically unhip, local firm VerdeHouse—-which turns  raw locations into temporary event spaces—-is apparently still smarting from the ensuing Internet spat. But now, it’s got hashtags.

“We at verdeHOUSE have a bone to pick with Rebecca Greenfield,” writes the firm’s communications and new media intern, Mansi Shah, in a release. To prove just how wrong Greenfield is, Shah writes, VerdeHouse is asking people to tweet examples of D.C. hipness using the hashtag #hipDC.

But like #FML, #FTW, and #STOPKONY, this hashtag doesn’t have to stay on Twitter. For example, Shah signs her email “Forever #hipDC.”

“DC is hip in its own way and doesn’t play by the rules of NY, SF or other ‘hip’ cities,” she writes. Suggested examples of Washington-style hipness include buying food at Eastern Market, walking by the White House every day, and visiting the National Portrait Gallery.

None of which seem that hip, really. But then again, what could be hipper than launching a hashtag campaign to defend your hipness?

The full VerdeHouse press release:

We at verdeHOUSE have a bone to pick with Rebecca Greenfield. She recently published an article in The Atlantic titled, “The Structural Barriers to DC’s Hipness: An Anti-Rant.” We beg to differ.

We at verdeHOUSE think DC is hip in its own way and doesn’t play by the rules of NY, SF or other “hip” cities. In case you are not familiar with us – verdeHOUSE transforms vacant properties into temporary event venues across DC. I am Mansi Shah, Communications & New Media Intern, and I am starting a movement called #hipDC to show why DC is hip and I hope you will help me.

THE QUESTION: We’re asking you to dig deep and ask yourself, “What makes DC hip to you?”

THE ANSWER: Write down your definition of what makes DC hip. Maybe it’s walking by the White House every morning, picking up local produce at Eastern Market, or swinging by the Portrait Gallery. Make it real, make it personal.

NOW SHARE IT: Share you definition of DC’s hipness across Facebook, Twitter and other channels. Add a #hipDC hashtag to show that you are proud of DC and you’re supporting a movement to show off it’s unique DC-only brand of hipness.

Thanks for joining us in the #hipDC movement. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions or ideas, or tweet us at @verdeHOUSE.

Forever #hipDC,



White House photo by Shutterstock.