Anyone who’s used Metro for more than a few days has experienced it: the phenomenon of your favorite Metro escalator going down for repairs, with a sign from Metro promising that it’ll be running again in a month. A month later, though, it’s still just a staircase. Two months later, the same thing. Three months in, and the escalator has its own sedimentary layers.

One fed-up Metro customer recently took matters into his or her own hands, posting at least two flyers poking fun at Metro’s shifting deadlines. The mystery prankster included a Metro-style font and logos.

“Relax….don’t worry about the date, we’ll just keep changing it,” reads one notice, posted on an elevator in Bethesda. The flyer above was attached to a broken elevator at McPherson Square.

Metro spokesman Dan Stessel was unimpressed with the mysterious posters, pointing out that Metro has its own sign explaining changing repair schedules.

“Unable to say whether this type of creativity is without precedent,” Stessel writes in an email. “I kinda doubt it.”